Service Centers
Adequate power and grounding is vital in keeping service centers operating reliably. Extending access to the facility ground by use of a grounding rail or buss system provides easy access for grounding metal raceways and enclosures as well as a discharge path for surge protection equipment.
Protecting workstations from surges and power fluctuations can be as simple as installing a sufficiently sized voltage regulating UPS for each workstation. The workstation UPS prioritized mainly for power line surge discharge and power filtering is relatively inexpensive if required backup time is kept short (smaller batteries are in use).
Surge Protection

Lightning strikes come in through service or utility penetrations coming into your facility.
For electric service primary protection from surges, install a TVSS for your entire electric service at the load panel.
Power Conditioning
An active or voltage-regulating UPS offers stable line voltage. Over time small spikes or fluctuations in line voltage can take its toll on your office equipment by constantly stressing the internal power supplies.
Service Demarcs
Service demarcations should be electrically grounded only at the facility penetration, before it is extended to your equipment (the service provider's ground must not in any way be tied to your facility ground). The demarcation terminal should have adequate surge protection before the services are extended and connected to your equipment.
Network Cabling

UTP LAN cabling, though unshielded, offers acceptable EMI-resistance. Lack of a shield or an electrical grounding conductor may be a problem where fluorescent lighting fixtures or other power or control voltage wiring exists. If STP cabling is a necessity, ground the shield conductor in much the same way as a service demarcation.
Equipment Failure
On major equipment failure, after the facility is out of any hazardous condition isolate the failed equipment. Keep it powered down and do not discard the supporting peripherals, cables and hardware; should you need a failure analysis for insurance or warranty repair or replacement purposes.
Electrical Protection for Business Systems
We provide professional services in electrical protection of service provider and business office facilities and equipment.
Our clients remain confident in knowing that their facility is adequately prepared to meet the challenges of: co-worker safety, and lower maintenance costs.

Internet and Application Service Providers
Electrical protection is vital in keeping the active and standby infrastructure operational.

Telco Service Providers
In a telco environment, proper grounding and isolation is critical in providing low-noise connectivity and safety from hazards and failure.

Business Centers
An incident during business hours can have some bad consequences at a business center due to the collocation of data, voice and computing equipment. The goals are: providing a safe and reliable operating environment, and minimizing service and equipment failures.
Case study
The figure to the left shows telephone switch damage. The client's facility was code-compliant, had adequate surge protection and line conditioning. The outage was due to intermittent isolation between +48V dc return and facility ground.
Electrical Protection Layers
An overall electrical protection strategy covers 3 layers.
The National Fire Protection Association´s publishes NFPA 70® National Electric Code (NEC®) standard. Local authorities interpret and enforce code compliance for electric installations*.
* "NEC 2005 Handbook" Article 90.4 Enforcement
Service entrance ground
The framework for a safe and reliable operating environment is code-compliant electrical grounding. It is the basis for premise surge protection and power conditioning.
Power conditioning
Major shared equipment should have power conditioning that would provide filtering, active voltage regulation and a level of surge protection. Installing an active or voltage-regulating UPS, even at the workstation drops, will extend the life of workstations and peripherals.
Premise surge protection
Primary surge protection starts at the main distribution panel. Installing an internal or external TVSS is a first level defense from catastrophic utility or lightning surges. In extreme situations, the TVSS will sacrifice itself by opening the electric service feed, but the secondary surge protection will have saved the rest of your equipment and facility. Have a contingency and restoration plan for these rare occurrences.
Secondary surge protection absorbs electric spikes that are below the protection threshold of the TVSS. Although TVSSs have very fast response and reaction times, overlooking secondary surge protection may expose equipment to what does get through, prior to the TVSS opening up the electric service feed.
Electrical Protection Solutions
We provide electrical protection solutions that provide a safe and reliable operating environment.
Our guidelines are derived from current NEC® and local authority codes for electric installations.
Total solutions
Our total solutions provide an assessment of the current facility’s electric code compliance. The assessment report highlights any current hazards and potential points of failure along with general recommendations.

Planning a new facility? We offer a layered strategy in meeting your business objectives and satisfying electric installation codes.

• We can provide project management for all phases
• We recommend products that are certified as having met, performance and test criteria set forth by well recognized standards organizations (such as UL®, IEEE®)
• Electric distribution or service feed work must be done by a locally licensed or certified electrician.

Focused solutions
We also provide focused solutions :

• troubleshooting intermittent service or equipment problems
• assessing impact of equipment upgrades or expansions
• equipment failure analysis.
Our procurement solutions are based on your specific equipment and service requirements. We can provide a comparative bill of materials for hardware, software and manufacturer services (such as extended warranty, maintenance or recovery)